Stewardship Now and For The Future

At AV Group, we manage our forests for the future to ensure the resource is there to sustain our communities for the long term. Although Fiber is an important part of our business we are very focused on the environment and working with multiple stakeholders to ensure the forest is used to its full potential.

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Biological Diversity
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Northern Hardwood Research Institute
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AV Group NB is active in silviculture and the management of the forests for other uses including maple sugar, camping, waterway buffers zones, and the preservation of wildlife habitat. AV Group NB consults with various stakeholders for its forest management activities on Crown lands as well as its Freehold lands.

We measure our sustainability outcomes and continuously look for improvements by adhering to 3rd Party certifications with the Forest Stewardship Council® FSC-C174919 and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative ® (SFI)®, on company freehold and public forests respectively.

Monitoring Plans, other associated certification information and more clarification on these is available upon request.

Maintaining Biological Diversity

Biological diversity supports all living things in a given place and has ecological, economic, social, cultural and intrinsic values for present and future generations. As a result of good stewardship, resilient ecosystems, New Brunswick is rich in biodiversity. Stewardship is an ongoing shared responsibility of citizens, governments, First Nations, corporations, private organizations, landowners, and neighboring jurisdictions.

Focused on Renewal

AV Group NB is active in silviculture renewal efforts and the management of the forests for other uses.

  • Camping
  • Waterway
  • Buffers zones
  • Preservation of wildlife habitats

Northern Hardwood
Research Institute INC.

Av Group NB is also a founding member and supporter of the Northern Hardwood Research Institute INC. The Northern Hardwoods Research Institute is an innovative partnership between the private forest sector, Federal and Provincial governments. Founded in 2012 to conduct applied research in northern hardwoods to provide the forest sector knowledge that is required to ensure their growth and sustainability. The institute, as a knowledge hub, is now a key player in research transfer among specialists, decision-makers and all the research community. Av Group applies the knowledge which it learns from the science developed at NHRI to our forest management plans. This ensures we are using the best science in our decision making on how to manage our forests.

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