AV Group Fibre Sourcing Policy

The Company shall maintain at each primary conversion site a Fiber procurement policy and, where applicable, a Forest management policy tailored to the jurisdictional requirements of each operation.

The Company shall meet or exceed the requirements of all applicable legislation, regulation and other goals and objectives specific to lands under management within each jurisdiction.
The company shall implement its best efforts to avoid trading and sourcing wood or wood fiber (herein referred to as wood) from the following categories:
a) Illegally harvested wood .
b) Wood harvested in violation of traditional and civil rights.
c) Wood derived from uncertified High Conservation Value Forests* 1
d) Wood harvested from plantations established after 1994 through conversion of natural forests or converted to non-forest use *
e) Wood from forests in which genetically modified trees are planted .
f) Wood harvested in ancient and endangered forests, or endangered species habitat.

When suppliers contravene these criteria, the Company will engage them to change practices and/or re-evaluate its relationship with them if we find that fibre is coming from sources that do not meet the company’s sustainability requirements.

The Company shall on land that it owns or directly manages on behalf of the Crown, maintain a Sustainable Forest Management System meeting regionally appropriate, internationally recognized certification standards, and promote these practices publicly . The company will when procuring wood from other sources ensure that they conform to existing national forest management programs for sustainability or, where such do not exist, conform to internationally recognized certification standards.

The Company will ensure internal mechanisms are in place to track the origin of its fiber sources.

The company is committed to exploring research and development opportunities for alternative fiber sources and new technologies that reduce environmental impacts.

The Company will work to identify opportunities to support existing conservation solutions, agreements and further new initiatives to advance sustainable sourcing and forest protection A

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