We are New Fibre

From forests, to pulp and non-woven fibre, AV Group NB is part of a chain that benefits from Aditya Birla’s in-house research and development centres are spread across the value chain. AV Group NB’s Atholville and Nackawic mills produce high content dissolving pulp or specialty cellulose for the manufacturing of natural-based, viscose staple fibre used to make rayon in the apparel and home textile industry. Our natural-based fibre is designed specifically for apparel and home textile applications.


Trousers, Shirts, Denims, Knitwear, Women‘s wear, Uniforms

Woven Textiles

Bed & Bath Linen, Throws, Cushions, Table Linen, Floor Linen

Non-woven Textiles

Wipes, Hygiene Segment, Medical Textiles, Industrial Products

Our Fibre Lifecycle

From the forest to the runways, our pulp takes a few turns before becoming high grade textiles used exclusively in the manufacturing of fashion apparel and home textile brands all over the world.