Birla Cellulose

In the textile business, the Aditya Birla Group is the world’s largest producer of viscose staple fibres. AV Group NB is proud to be a member of the Aditya Birla Group presence in Canada and to be supported by the strategic advantages of global research, knowledge, and skills.

The only heavy metal-free fibre in the world, Birla Viscose has a unique cross-section and a brilliant lustre. It is more absorptive and softer, making it more pleasant to the skin. With its lustre, sheen, drape, smoothness and breathability, this fibre is extremely well suited for blending with other fibres. It is also available in a wide range of cut lengths and titre combinations.

A second generation viscose that fulfils man’s eternal quest for a fibre that combines the best of both aesthetics and utility.

Birla Spunshades, our vibrant, heavy metal-free, coloured spun-dyed viscose fibre, are made with a revolutionary technique that places the colour pigments in to the fibre itself. This avoids conventional dyeing in the downstream value chain, which saves 30 litres of water (and the accompanying colour pollution) for every metre of fabric processed. The result is a colour that fully saturates the fibre—a much better solution than conventional dyeing. Birla Spunshades is available in a colour palette spanning over 150 shades, 10 of which are extensively used in the non-woven sector.

Birla Excel is a third generation fibre, the latest in the line of cellulosic fibres form Birla Cellulose. Made from a highly refined eco-friendly process that emerged as result of the studies at the Birla Research Institute, it combines the comfort and luxury of a natural fibre with the engineered precision of a man-made fibre. Excel comes with a unique set properties like high strength and dimensional stability, high absorbency, smoothness and skin-friendliness. Also adding to the green quotient of this product is the fact that is made from the choicest wood pulp, a natural and renewable resource.

From the Forest to the Runway

From the forest to the runways, our pulp takes a few turns before becoming high grade textiles used exclusively in the manufacturing of fashion apparel and home textile brands all over the world. AV Group NB’s parent company, Aditya Birla, gives it unprecedented access to a global market.