Fibre Supply

The AV Group Fibre Supply Team is an integral part of the entire Nackawic and Atholville Mills operation,  by providing the necessary raw material for both mills in two ways:

  1. Wood originating from two actively managed provincial Crown Licenses plus company owned industrial freehold land.  All lands are managed based on environmental, social and economic values with the best scientific information available in order to ensure the long-term sustainability of the resources. Forests are managed for wood supply, wildlife and old forest habitat and diversity, among other things. The management of both Crown Licenses is directed by the Department of Natural Resources with input from the public.
  2. Wood is also purchased through private forest products marketing boards, from other Crown Licenses, industrial freehold lands, or as a secondary forest product from other mills in order to provide both mills with a consistent supply of quality forest products.

NB-QC-Maine Fibre Supply Map 

CTL1 – AV Group NB Inc. Operating Plan

CTL8 – AV Group NB Inc. Operating Plan

The UPSALQUITCH License # 1

The York License # 8

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