A History of Forestry
in New Brunswick

The province’s healthy forests cover more than 6 million hectares (15 million acres) of New Brunswick’s 7 million hectares (18 million acres) of land. That’s 83% of the province! Crown land forest makes up approximately half of the province’s forests.

Forestry is the largest industry in New Brunswick. More than any other Canadian province, New Brunswick relies on the resources of this renewable industry.

The forestry industry has been an economic mainstay since the 1800s when rich stands of coniferous trees such as pine, spruce and hemlock were harvested for timber, shipbuilding, and railroad construction both domestically and overseas.

In the 1900s, wood pulp mills appeared and the pulp and paper industry vigorously surpassed the lumber industry. Thirty years later, major insect infestations, the impacts of overharvesting, and changing global priorities ushered in a more sustainable approach to forest management. Today, New Brunswick’s forest management standards rank with the best in North America.

We are New Brunswick

We drive New Brunswick forward through training and education opportunities, technological advances, and community partnerships.


AV Group NB is moving forward with the process of managing biodiversity in forests, wetlands, aquatic and coastal ecosystems through a third party certification with the Sustainable Forestry Initiative ® (SFI), the world’s largest single forest certification standard by area.

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We are committed to ensuring the highest standard of the health and safety for all our employees in our workplace environments. Safety is the foundation of value system at AV Group NB.

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